A Digital Marketer's Guide to Third-Party Cookie Deprecation



Luka Cempre

Senior Data Scientist

"While 2025 is now the official 3P cookie end date, acting now is the smart move. At Adswerve, we’re constantly testing solutions that will work best for advertisers and website owners while prioritizing user privacy. We’re also aggressively exploring Privacy Sandbox initiatives and finding ways to best utilize those solutions for our clients. The time for complacency is over; let’s get to work."

Jeff Collins

Associate Director, Media Activation

"Cookies will live on into 2025, but focusing on your 3P cookie deprecation readiness shouldn’t change. Taking actionable steps within the respective GMP platforms, dialing in your 1P data strategy and shaping your overall mindset to make sure you’re prepared should remain top priorities."

Sarah-Rose Zalewski

Technical Lead 2, Analytics

"Google has recently rolled out new requirements for sites with European users to ensure that consent signals are sent across Google's tools to confirm that you have received a user's consent. Adswerve can help configure Consent Mode to work in tandem with your consent management platform."